About Us

Change Action Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organisation registered at District Administration Office, Lalitpur in FY 2073/2016 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council since its inception. CAN started working in 2001 by a group of committed, enthusiastic and energetic women to help women develop their society.

The main objective of this organisation is to end, or at least minimize, gender-based violence and modern day slavery in Nepal. Through combining direct, collaborative and grassroots action, CAN addresses the root social, economic and political elements leading to abuse and trafficking.

These issues and problems are a complex combination of a lack of education, the global human trafficking network, caste and gender oppression, and poverty. Our current prime initiative and role is to provide a safe shelter, assistance and education to women in need throughout Nepal. We are also spreading awareness of human trafficking and sexual oppression through media, conferences and campaigns to make political and social change.

Our Mission

  • Fight trafficking and help increase participation of women in urban and rural communities.  
  • Increase living standards and opportunities in a sustainable manner through awareness, education, health, water supply and sanitation, environmental programs and income-generating activities.

Our Vision

An egalitarian society where marginalised, oppressed, vulnerable women, children and community members have improved living conditions so that they can enjoy their lives free of violence, exploitation and discrimination in full dignity and safety.

Get involved

We encourage involvement from anyone willing to help make positive change in Nepal. The best ways to contribute are through offering your time or donations of clothing, medical supplies and basic daily essentials. We also accept monetary donations. You can specify your preferred project(s) and we will show you where the money will go.