Safe House

CAN’s Safe House based in Kathmandu, is a repatriation home for vulnerable girls who have experienced a variety of traumatic experiences. The house is a family, in which girls can grow and move on from the experience in a healthy and supportive environment.

At CAN we believe that development practices should not victimise the victim. Girls that experience violence and exploitation should not be defined by the event that happened to her. She is a human being with passions, skills and thoughts. At the house, girls are free to experience their childhood and youth with dignity, and grow as human beings. 

Girls come from all over Nepal and brought to the house in a variety of ways. CAN has networks and knowledge exchange channels throughout Nepal. When a girls’ vulnerable situation is found out, whether trafficked into Cabin Dance bars in Kathmandu or victims of gender-based violence, CAN will go to the site to council the victim and provide options. The rescue process can often be dangerous and requires local knowledge. 

At the home, the girls are provided all food, comfortable lodging, and clothing and are also recipients of education scholarships. Living with other girls with similar experiences provides a central support network. While in the home, it is central to maintain connection with the families if possible and reciprocated. Girls frequently talk to family members and are able to visit their families and villages in holiday periods.