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People can volunteer for Change Action Nepal in a variety of ways.

One way is to come to volunteer in Nepal, whereby hands on engagement is the best way to learn. We encourage initiative to develop your own goals and utilise your own skills for the duration of your stay.

Some volunteer positions can also be completed from outside Nepal. 

The types of volunteer work we are looking for include any or a mixture of the list below:


  • Currently, we do not have an official translator so it is important that you are proficient in English and are willing to learn some Nepali language; fluency is by no means necessary. 
  • Assisting the girls with their homework and providing extra tutorials. For most of the girls who have previously studied in Nepali, shifting to an English medium school is a difficult process. With your English skills, you can assist the girls by working along side them as they study in the evenings, providing extra support, tutorials or work. We enourage volunteers to be creative and show initivative in their english teaching.


  • Maintaining and updating social media platforms 
  • Website design and update
  • Assisting and training in various technology such as Excel etc. 
  • Using a variety of media sources, such as written, photography and video footage to cover the scope and variety of work undertaken by CAN 


  • Fundraising is central to the future of CAN and its projects. By volunteering your time and skills, you can help us move towards our future goals. Such work includes:
  • Working with media to create accessable and informative information about current and future projects that needs funds
  • Collaborating information needed to create grants to appropriate funding channels. 
  • Generating and managing campaigns 
  • Widening CAN’s audience and engagers in Nepal and globally


  • Dance, music, art, drama, self defence, yoga therapy (you do not necessarily need experience just passion and determination). We encourage volunteers to be creative and to think of any programs they would like to run with the girls.
  • If you are have special skills in this area, such as Nepali speaking counselling, your time would be greater appreciated. 

Things to consider:

  • It is essential that all volunteers are committed to the holistic improvement and advancement of the life and opportunities for women and girls in Nepal. 
  • Those volunteers who will be working with girls in our safe house need to be mindful of the circumstances many of the girls have faced and ensure that your behaviour is loving and appropriate at all times. 
  • Many of our children have endured severe suffering and trauma in terms of sexual exploitation and rape. Whilst the girls are victims of horrific situations, we place an emphasis on avoiding making the girls feel like victims, and instead focussing on empowerment and how they can become successful change makers. 
  • Volunteers need to show encouragement, love and emotional support towards the girls, if possible we request that volunteers refrain from drinking and smoking in the house or around the girls and ensure that they act as role models for the children.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for CAN. 

For more information please email [email protected]

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