Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation

Poverty is a major concern in Nepal, with three-quarters of the population living on less than $US 2 a day. Sufferers of poverty are highly vulnerable to exploitation. CAN works to better the living standards of society’s neediest, providing hope and opportunities for the future.

Poverty alleviation projects are extensive. These are just a few examples: 

Rural Village development 

CAN worked extensively for 3 years with the dalit, “untouchable” caste community, in Korke Ale village in Gorkha. Before CAN’s work, the community was severely discriminated against and experienced harsh living conditions. CAN worked to install toilets and sanitation systems, provide sustainable farming techniques, ensured cleaning and safe practices, animals for the families, school supplies, lighting etc. CAN provided the basis for sustainable and self-directed development.


In one slum area of Kathmandu, CAN established an Early Learning Centre. The centre has been running for 7 years, providing early learning education for Kathmandu’s most vulnerable children. This places them on the road towards education and a safe, stable future. CAN provides lunch for the kids and teachers, as well as teacher’s salaries, the school buildings and teaching materials.