Education Scholarships: Empowering girls through education

Working together with various organisations and donor groups, including She=Precious, TEAM and personal donors, CAN provides education scholarships to vulnerable girls at risk. Currently, CAN provides 150 scholarships to the most vulnerable girls in Kathmandu, Shindhupalchwok, Nuwakot and Dhakuta districts. The scholarships are applied on an individual basis, including fees, school books, stationary materials, uniform and extra tuition for certain students. The schools vary from government provided to private boarding schools to college education.
Scholarships currently cost 12,000 NPR per year or $US115. They are implemented on a continous basis and monitored, in order to ensure progressive opportunities. 

A central mission of CAN’s education program is to minimise human trafficking. Traffickers often target poor, uneducated girls with a seemingly bleak future. Traffickers bring tales of riches and opportunity to vulnerable rural communities, offering jobs in Kathmandu, India or the Gulf countries. In reality, girls end up working in brothels, dance bars or as house maids, for little to no pay and few personal freedoms. They often experience verbal, physical and sexual abuse. 

The dream of CAN is to bring education to 15,000 vulnerable and voiceless girls throughout Nepal. With your support, and as the organisation expands its reach and output, we can move towards making this dream a reality.
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